Do Any English Words End in -Mt?

The only English words that ends with the letters "mt" are "dreamt" and the variations thereof: "undreamt," "adreamt," and "daydreamt." A commonly known name that ends in "mt" is "Klimt," the last name of painter Gustav Klimt.

More facts about English words:

  • There are only two sequences of consecutive letters that appear in English words: "rstu" and "mnop." They show up in words like "understudy" and "gymnophobia."

  • The word "magazine" comes from the Arabic word "makhzan," which means storehouse. The modern meaning comes from a 1731 publication called The Gentlemen's Magazine, which chose the word because the magazine was intended to be a monthly storehouse of writing and ideas.

  • The word "queue" is the only English word pronounced the same way even if you take off the last four letters.
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