Can Psychiatric Service Dogs Help Deaf People?

Both emotional support animals and psychiatric service dogs are essential to their owners. But a psychiatric service dog is more than just a pet; they provide their owners with mental health disorders, companionship, and assistance with their disabilities. They are trained to aid people with cognitive and visual impairments. They perform tasks and can use specific signals to support their owners. They also assist their owners by retrieving items for them if they have a mobility issue.

Service dogs are therapy dogs and can also send their owners warnings. They are almost like your guardian angel. Any time you are in trouble or have panic attacks, they are there to provide you with the assistance you need based on your disability.

Most of them have public access and are protected by the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). These make service dogs an important asset to the community. Simply because they improve the quality of people's lives. 

How Can A Psychiatric Service Dog Provide Their Owner With Assistance?

  • When Should I Get A Psychiatric Service Dog?
  • Can a Service Dog Help Me If I Am Deaf?
  • What Else Is A Psychiatric Service Dog Trained To Do?

When Should I Get A Psychiatric Service Dog?

The answer to this question is very personal and greatly depends on a person's disability. The presence of emotional support animals is enough for some people that might suffer from crippling social anxiety, some variations of mental health disorders, bipolar disorder, or sometimes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The critical difference is that an emotional support animal requires no training and does not perform specific tasks, while psychiatric service dogs are. Emotional support animals can also be different animals - like cats, rabbits, and even ponies - while a psychiatric service dog can only be a dog.

You might need more than emotional support animals if you have a diagnosed mental health disability. You can get psychiatric service dogs (PSD) when you feel you need extra assistance beyond an emotional support animal. 

Psychiatric service dogs provide you with assistance inside and outside of your home. If you live alone and have mental impairments, getting an evaluation from a mental health professional is usually the first step in getting psychiatric service dogs. Your mental health professional will evaluate you and determine if you can benefit from one. In all honesty, mental health practitioners are very understanding and have done years of research that proves that having a psychiatric service dog can aid people with disabilities. Usually, a service dog is trained for one disability, so you must get evaluated so your mental health physician can pick the right dog for you.

If you have been diagnosed with any of the disabilities or mental health conditions below and you need assistance with specific tasks, talk with your healthcare provider 

  • Hearing Impairment
  • Visually Impaired
  • Autistic
  • And More

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Can My Psychiatric Service Dog Help Me If I Am Deaf?

Unlike emotional support animals whose presence alone soothes mental illness and anxieties, psychiatric service dogs can perform essential tasks for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Service dogs are specially trained and help people with mental disabilities go on with their daily life routines.

You may qualify for a service dog if you have a mental disability such as hearing, mobility, or other visible disabilities.

Hearing dogs are trained to support the needs of their partners that have hearing disabilities. They are the ears for their owners and provide companionship, so their owners don't feel alone. Federal law states that hearing dogs can go anywhere in public.

This includes restaurants, stores, government buildings, and housing complexes. Psychiatric service dogs are not just pets but a valuable asset to their owner with hearing disabilities.

Usually, a service dog is trained for one disability, so you must get evaluated so that your mental health physician can pick the right dog for you. 

The service dog you will receive will be trained to aid you with whatever disability you have. You must know that once you receive your dog, you are safe because usually, your psychiatric service dog has been trained for years to aid you with your disability.

Training your service dog can be done by yourself, but it is also time-consuming and hard. Typically the best thing to do is to get a dog from someone who has already provided your dog with Psychiatric Service Dog training.

If you need a mental health screening to diagnose mental illness, Mental Health America can provide you with an online mental health test

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What Else Are Psychiatric Service Dogs Trained To Do?

Dogs have always been loyal companions, and they are always willing to help in times of need. Their fierce loyalty makes them an excellent service dog for those with disabilities, impairments, and mental health disorders. Dogs are truly amazing. Look at the list below to see some different types of service dogs available and what they do.  

Types of Psychiatric Service Dogs:

  • Hearing Dogs: Informs their owners about smoke alarms, doorbells, oven times, and even crying babies. When they hear a noise, the Hearing dog will place their paw on their owner and lead them to the problem 
  • Seizure alert and response dog: Some psychiatric service dogs are trained to recognize when their owner is about to have a seizure and can position themselves in a position to protect them during the episode. They are in tune with their owners' emotions and can sense behavior prior to a seizure, and can be trained to respond accordingly
  • Diabetic Alert Dogs: These psychiatric service dogs can pick up scents, they can smell the changes in your blood glucose levels, and alert their owners when their blood pressure is too high or low. They can also be trained to alert others in the household or set off an alarm when their owner needs medical attention
  • Allergy Detection Dogs: These psychiatric service dogs can sniff out the smallest traces of allergens in the environment and alert their owner. They are trained to alert their owner when they smell anything in the air that can cause them to suffer from a reaction
  • Guide Dogs: These service dogs train to understand traffic cues and understand how to protect their owners from oncoming traffic by stopping when necessary. They also keep them from falling over curbs and bumping into other pedestrians.

How to get a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) Evaluation Online

Here are the steps to qualify for a psychiatric service dog letter and get a PSD evaluation:

  • Click the link here to start your assessment on Pettable
  • Answer the screening questions
  • If you are under the age of 18, a guardian needs to be the point of contact with your mental health professional
  • Take a 3-minute quiz to match you with the right therapist
  • Have your phone consultation with a licensed mental health professional in your state
  • Receive your psychiatric service dog or PSD letter 
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FAQ About Getting An Psychiatric Service Dog Letter Online

Is It Hard To Get An PSD Letter?

Actually, the process is relatively easy, but you want to make sure you look out for scams.

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Can I Use My PSD Letter When I Move Into My Apartment?

Once you get a legitimate PSD letter, you can speak with the landlord about bringing your furry friend along with you to your next apartment.

The Federal Housing Act (FHA) has made laws, so people can't discriminate against you for having a Service Dog.

Can I Get a PSD letter in Any State?

The Fair Housing Act allows you to use your psychiatric service dog or PSD letter for housing in every state. This includes rentals, co-ops, and condominiums.


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