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What are Some Kids' Magazines?

K T Solis
K T Solis

People who would like to subscribe to kids' magazines have a variety of magazines from which to choose. One of the most familiar kids' magazines in the U.S. is the magazine called Highlights for Children. Highlights for Children can often be found in doctors' waiting rooms and is comprised of a variety of nonfiction articles and short stories. The magazine includes poetry, puzzles, jokes, and other fillers to keep young readers interested.

Carus Publishing prints several kids' magazines that have been in existence for several years. Carus Publishing creates magazines for a variety of ages. Its family of magazines includes Babybug, Ladybug, Spider, Cricket, Cicada, and several other award-winning publications. Each magazine is geared toward a different age level so parents can subscribe to a magazine that suits their child's needs. The magazines include stories, articles, poetry, and other fun activities for kids.

There are a variety of kids's magazines to choose from in the United States.
There are a variety of kids's magazines to choose from in the United States.

The Children's Better Health Institute creates several kids' magazines as well. Based in Indianapolis, IN, the company prints magazines that encourage children to lead healthy lifestyles. Magazines such as Turtle, Humpty Dumpty, Children's Playmate, Jack and Jill, and Children's Digest are all designed to entertain children with stories, poems, games, and other educational activities. All material contained in the magazine presents subtle messages that help children see the importance of living a healthy life.

Carus Publishing creates magazines for a variety of ages.
Carus Publishing creates magazines for a variety of ages.

The Bluffton News Publishing and Printing Company located in Bluffton, OH, produces three kids' magazines that target children between the ages of eight and 10. The magazines are Hopscotch Magazine, Boys' Quest, and Fun for Kidz. Hopscotch Magazine is geared toward girls, and Boys' Quest reaches out to young boys. Fun for Kidz is designed for both boys and girls. The magazine group prides itself on offering wholesome stories that promote traditional values.

New Moon is a magazine written for and by girls. It prohibits advertisements and refuses to include articles concerning diet advice or how to be popular. The magazine's goal is to help girls grow into self-confident human beings who develop to their highest potential. The magazine uses real young girls on their editorial board to ensure that the best content for girls is included within its pages.

National Geographic Kids is the little sister of the National Geographic publication for adults. Since its first appearance in 1975, its goal has been to get kids excited about the world around them. National Geographic Kids has a vast array of articles concerning wildlife, entertainment, sports, technology, science, and more. Its target audience is kids between the ages of six and 14.

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I had never heard of the Carus Publishing titles named after the different insects. Are the books geared toward science, or are those just the names that were chosen?

I am thinking about getting a kid's magazine subscription for my friends' son, but don't really have any idea what is out there. Maybe I'll try the trick of getting a couple of free ones and looking at them.

How much does a normal subscription to one of these things cost? I doubt it could cost as much or more than a normal magazine subscription, but I am just curious, since I'm just starting my search.


@matthewc23 - I would second Izzy78's idea. I did the same thing with my son. In the end, he really like Fun for Kidz and National Geographic Kids, so I went ahead and got a subscription of both, since they cover two different types of topics. I even know with some of the choices, you can scroll through an online version of the magazine to see what is in it.

The thing I really like about Fun for Kidz is that every magazine has a specific topic it focuses on. For example, one of the recent ones has been about bees. Some of the articles in it talked about what bees do for the environment, how they make honey, and how they communicate with each other. The good part is that each story is usually followed by a little puzzle or quiz of some sort.

The thing he really likes is that each issue has some type of little project that you can make, so him and his dad usually make that together.


@matthewc23 - I am with you. I didn't know all these magazines were available. I was just familiar with Highlights, since that was something I had when I was a kid. I am curious how long some of these other magazines have been around, since it's been quite a while since I stopped reading Highlights.

Since you mentioned there were a few months before you had to make your decision, what I would suggest is trying to get a free magazine or two from each company. At least in my experience, companies are willing to send you one or two free issues so that you can decide if you want them or not.

Once you got the free magazines, you could even give them to her and see which one she seemed to like the best. Good luck in your search.


Wow, so many choices. I had no idea all these magazines existed. I kind of wish some of these magazines would have been around when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure I would have loved reading them.

Anyway, I am in the process of picking out a magazine subscription for my niece's birthday here in a few months. I am curious if anyone here has any experience with these magazines and what they think of them. Specifically, what sorts of things are included in them and what ones would be best geared to a 9 year old girl?

She is crazy about art, so any magazines that had pictures to color would be good. Even better would be if one of them had the frames that actually showed you how to draw the picture. Really anything to keep her interested would be nice, though.

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    • There are a variety of kids's magazines to choose from in the United States.
      By: Africa Studio
      There are a variety of kids's magazines to choose from in the United States.
    • Carus Publishing creates magazines for a variety of ages.
      By: diego cervo
      Carus Publishing creates magazines for a variety of ages.