What is a Waterproof Book?

A waterproof book is a durable reading companion designed to withstand water exposure. Crafted with synthetic materials or treated paper, it resists moisture, making it perfect for poolside reading or bathtub relaxation. Imagine immersing in your favorite story, undisturbed by splashes or spills. Intrigued? Discover how waterproof books can transform your reading adventures, rain or shine.
Daniel Liden
Daniel Liden

A waterproof book is a book made to withstand exposure to water. There are many different kinds of waterproof books; some have a only a waterproof cover, and some have waterproof pages and covers. Waterproof books are often used by professionals who regularly need to work outdoors in rainy or snowy conditions; they often contain useful maps or charts. Some waterproof books, called bathtub books, are made to be read in the bathtub by young children without suffering any damage. In any waterproof book, it is important that both the paper and the ink are able to survive exposure to moisture.

A waterproof book can be designed to handle a few different levels of exposure to water. Many books, such as the typical hardcover novel, have a somewhat glossy book cover that can repel light rain but could not prevent damage from heavy rain or from submersion. Other books have slightly glossy pages that can repel light rain or can at least survive moist, humid conditions. A waterproof book that is intended to survive submersion will often have pages that are laminated with some kind of synthetic, waterproof material. Alternatively, it may come with some kind of waterproof case that prevents any water from getting in and reaching the book at all.

Waterproof books can be read in the bath without worry about them getting wet.
Waterproof books can be read in the bath without worry about them getting wet.

Paper and ink are two of the most important aspects of any waterproof book that has more than just a waterproof cover. Waterproof paper tends to be made in two forms; paper can be made from tightly-bound waterproof fibers or it can be laminated with a synthetic, waterproof substance. When the paper is not laminated, high-quality, water-insoluble ink is generally used; such ink does not dissolve in water, so it tends not to run or smudge. For a waterproof book, laminated pages are relatively rare as they are expensive and they take up a significant amount of space.

Waterproof books are used in a variety of settings by different people. Many are made to be read and used by children; these books need to be durable and waterproof because young children are often careless with their possessions. Military personnel also favor durable paper and books as they are made to withstand some of the harshest possible environments; this often includes rainy and moist conditions. Maps, especially topographical maps, are often collected in a waterproof book as hikers and campers tend to use such books to navigate through sometimes-harsh weather conditions.

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My kids always loved their waterproof books. We always had several of them around to use not only in the bathtub, but they were great to pack and take other places because they are so heavy duty.

You never had to worry about the pages getting torn. If you spilled juice or milk on them, they were so easy to wipe clean. They are usually bigger and take up more space than other books, but if you only have a few of them that doesn't really matter so much.


It would not be very cost efficient for most books to be waterproof, but they could have saved me some library fees!

We have a pond on our land, and we have always loved reading down at the pond. This also means that we have damaged several books that have landed in the water, or been left out in the rain. I always tried to save them and dry them out, but they were never the same.

The hardcover books seems to fare a little better than the paperback ones, but even after the pages dried, they still could not be read again.


interesting. are there any ways to improve this?

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    • Waterproof books can be read in the bath without worry about them getting wet.
      By: david hughes
      Waterproof books can be read in the bath without worry about them getting wet.