What Is Prose Fiction?

Prose fiction is a type of writing that uses basic storytelling techniques like dialogue, narrative, and exposition. The opposite...

Dan Cavallari
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Travel fiction may involve visiting other planets. Language

What Is Travel Fiction?

Travel fiction is a genre of writing that is focused on the settings of an unusual environment. Generally speaking most travel...

Jessica Ellis
Urban legends are often spread as rumors. Language

What are Urban Legends?

Urban legends are fictional stories passed by word of mouth that are often dramatic and told like they're true. A typical urban...

R. Kayne
In Greek mythology, Achilles was a powerful warrior who had only one weakness: his heel. Language

What is an Achilles' Heel?

An Achilles' heel is a weakness, usually the only weakness a very strong person has. Some of the most common types of Achilles'...

Dan Cavallari

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The Qu'ran is the holy text followed by Muslims. Language

What is the Qur'an?

The Qur'an is a sacred book in Islam, believed to be the word of Allah as revealed to Muhammad. Interpretations of the Qur'an...

Tricia Christensen

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