What Are the Different English Words That Don't Rhyme?

There are about 20 words in the English language that have no perfect rhyme, including these words: angst, bulb, cusp, film, gulf, kiln, month, glimpsed, oblige, opus, orange, pint, plankton, rhythm, depth, breadth and width.

More facts about rhyming:

  • There are actually obscure rhymes to traditional non-rhyming words "purple" and "silver." "Purple" actually has two rhymes: "curple," which is the hindquarters of a horse or donkey; as well as "hirple," which means to walk with a limp. "Silver" rhymes with "chilver," a term for a female lamb.

  • Despite "orange" being a common example of a word without a perfect rhyme, it does have several imperfect rhymes, including "melange," "strange" and "blancmange."

  • For a word to be considered a perfecy rhyme, it must have the same syllabic stress pattern as the original word.
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