What is the Difference Between a Moron, Imbecile and Idiot?

It's true — there's a difference. The three terms didn't start out as social insults either, in fact. In the early 1900s, psychologists used the terms to describe various levels of retardation. Those with an IQ of 0 to 25 (an IQ of 100 is average) were called idiots, 26 to 50 were called imbeciles and 51 to 70 were called morons. Morons could communicate and learn common tasks; imbeciles stalled mentally at about six years old; and idiots couldn't respond to stimulus or communicate with any level of competency.

More facts:

  • The terms held until the 1970s when society decided they were demeaning or condescending. They were replaced with mild, moderate and severe.

  • Down syndrome children first were called Mongolian idiots because their features were thought to look like people from Mongolia; Down syndrome first was called mongolism.

  • Levels of retardation, or developmental disability, now are defined by more than just IQ — levels of mental and physical functioning are also considered.

  • Signs of metal disability may begin with young children who crawl or walk or sit up later than their peers. They may also have a harder time memorizing information, speaking and interacting socially with other children.

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My flight instruction used to say "Ah he forgot to file his ID-10T form?" Miss you Lowell, thanks for everything.


If "A fool and his money are soon parted" it would serve to indicate Trump is no fool, whatever niche of intelligence level he may occupy.


Tillerson was extremely kind to Trump, but Gen. Kelly calls it as he see it.


The real idiots are the libs. That's why they looked up to a moron like Killary.


Tillerson was wrong about Trump-he is surely not a moron. Nope, he has to be an imbecile.


So when Tillerson called POTUS a moron,it was a compliment, right?


Where does 'cretin' fit into the scale?


The goverment would need a new term for -0 classification.


The people of the U.S. get the quality of government they demand, so in actuality, the citizenry elect people of their own mental capabilities. America's got the government they've asked for, and now they're complaining?


All of this time my wife has been calling me an idiot, when what she meant was moron. Sheesh! What an imbecile!


So how would you define the White House today: an Imbecile or Moron?


I thought the answer was Harry Reid, John Boehner and Obama...


I love your details. They really help me understand the concept.


Interesting differences. I've always had difficulty determining if our federal government is made up of morons, imbeciles or idiots. Your definitions clear this up. They are all of the above!

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