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What Is Political Irony?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn

Political irony is a sense of oppositeness or contrast in speech or writing that is related to politics. The definition of irony varies a bit; a primary definition is the use of words to convey their opposite meaning. In general, political irony falls into a category related to a secondary definition of irony, where the word is used to describe an outcome that is contradictory to what is expected. Most often, this form of irony seeks to point out contradictions in politics in a wry or amusing way.

Modern speakers and writers use the phrase “political irony” in a variety of ways. Many of these involve satirical or witty analysis of current politics. Political irony is usually related to humor; many expressions of politically ironic speech or writing are intended to entertain through pointing out contradictions in the political landscape. Despite the entertainment value, there are many instances where a real criticism of politics is couched in ironic comedy.

Political cartoons often try to convey a sense of political irony.
Political cartoons often try to convey a sense of political irony.

One type of political irony is the criticism of political candidates for reversals on issues, or actions that go counter to what they have expressed in the past. For example, a politician who runs against another politician in one race, but supports him in another race might be targeted by those using political irony and satire. A politician who runs against the same type of program that she has previously set up in another role may also see herself targeted by those using ironic commentary to express criticism.

Writers use the phrase “political irony” in a variety of ways.
Writers use the phrase “political irony” in a variety of ways.

Other expressions of politically ironic speech evaluate the overall political feelings of the current time. Satirical commentators may use political irony to criticize the way parts of an electorate respond to certain issues. These kinds of writers may also use the same ideas in criticizing a presidential administration, a parliament, or other form of leadership.

The phrase political irony is used freely in the media. It has been the title of blogs and social media pages, as well as a category in various web periodicals. It usually represents a lighter take on political issues or events. Some pundits might also use this rhetorical strategy in writing syndicated columns for magazines or newspapers. Besides being a common use of rhetoric in text, this sort of irony is often seen in political cartoons. Sometimes it is more chiding or humorous, and other times it can be quite hostile.

Discussion Comments


Politics is easy material for irony because there are so many contradictory statements and actions by politicians. When a politician is running for office, they make all sorts of promises about what they are going to do if they are elected. Almost always however, the story after election is different. Either they say contradictory things or do things opposite of what they said the would do. Political irony is prevalent because it's easy material and things are happening every single day.


@bluedolphin-- Don't forget animation shows like The Simpsons. The Simpsons uses a lot of political irony too. And not just political irony, also social irony.

I also enjoy political irony, even though I'm not too interested in politics otherwise. I guess irony has a way of making topics interesting. It's also a good way to make fun of things without attacking any person or institution.


Late night shows use a lot of political irony and I think it's great.

I actually see the existence of political irony as a sign of freedom of speech. Because this is a way to criticize politicians and political systems and the message is delivered in a very efficient and entertaining way. In some countries, political satire and irony are actually banned.

Irony is probably one of the oldest literary techniques. The Greeks started using irony and satire in their stories, poems and plays. Greek politics have been a model for many civilizations and it is also thought to be the earliest form of democracy. So I sincerely believe that if political irony is used in a society without backlash, there is democracy and freedom there.

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    • Political cartoons often try to convey a sense of political irony.
      By: Bill Strain
      Political cartoons often try to convey a sense of political irony.
    • Writers use the phrase “political irony” in a variety of ways.
      By: LoloStock
      Writers use the phrase “political irony” in a variety of ways.